Local activism inspired by Costa Rican experience

After a semester abroad at CIAPA’s campus in Costa Rica, Tulane sophomore Suzi Kondic is applying lessons learned in the field to activism on campus. As part of CIAPA’s Environmental Policy class, Kondic visited CoopeTarrazu, a Fair Trade Coffee Cooperative, where she and her classmates visited a coffee farm, picked coffee cherries, and learned about CoopeTarrazu’s advocacy efforts. This experience abroad has motivated Kondic to apply the Fair Trade principles she learned in the field to Tulane’s campus. As part of Tulane’s Global Service League, Kondic has worked actively on a successful campaign to make Tulane a Fair Trade University. Soon Tulane will be the first Fair Trade University in Louisiana and the second in the South.

Kondic was a guest blogger on Fair Trade Campaigns’ website. To read her blog post, click here.