Arenal-Observatory-Bridge Yoga-at-Cerro-de-la-Muerte Coopetarrazu Picking-Berries-at-Coopetarrazu Coopetarrazu-Farm Playa-Carillo Playa-Carillo Puerto-Viejo CIAPA-Academic-Administration-Building Dorm-Room-at-CIAPA
Students explore the surroundings of the Arenal Observatory Lodge near the Arenal Volcano National Park. Simone Ballard

Arenal Observatory Bridge

an introduction to ciapa


Tulane @ CIAPA

CIAPA is a Tulane-affiliated campus in San José, Costa Rica for academic programs and meetings.

Summer Study Abroad

Since 2000, Tulane has operated a summer study abroad program at the CIAPA campus.

Special Short Term Programs

CIAPA is the perfect location for symposia, conferences, or meetings with Latin American colleagues.