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Students explore the surroundings of the Arenal Observatory Lodge near the Arenal Volcano National Park. Simone Ballard

Arenal Observatory Bridge

an introduction to ciapa


  • May 8th, 2014

    Local activism inspired by Costa Rican experience

    After a semester abroad at CIAPA’s campus in Costa Rica, Tulane sophomore Suzi Kondic is applying lessons learned in the field to activism on campus. As part of CIAPA’s Environmental Policy class, Kondic…


Tulane @ CIAPA

CIAPA is a Tulane-affiliated campus in San José, Costa Rica for academic programs and meetings.

Central American Experience @ CIAPA

The Central American Experience is a fall semester program that introduces students to a region of the world fascinating in its historical, geographical, and biological diversity, and closely tied to the United States and the Gulf South.

Tropical & Environmental Studies @ CIAPA

This Spring semester abroad program is focused on environmental issues in the tropics and a unique, interdisciplinary experience for students interested in Environmental Studies.

Summer Study Abroad

Since 2000, Tulane has operated a summer study abroad program at the CIAPA campus.

Special Short Term Programs

CIAPA is the perfect location for symposia, conferences, or meetings with Latin American colleagues.